Refund Policy

Refund Policy

All donations and purchases made in this shop are completely voluntary by the customer. 

We are not responsible for transaction errors arising from the use of the Checkout services such as PayPal when a customer is making a donation to our server. Please ensure that you are entering the correct information into PayPal or other websites when submitting your donation.

We will only offer a donation refund if:

  1. You have made a donation for the same package twice by mistake. Excess reward points will be deducted from your RP wallet.
  2. You accidentally chose the wrong package, please contact us if this is the case. Most of the time we can change to the correct package.
  3. You accidentally chose the wrong Rusty Wasteland server.

We do not offer a donation refund if:

  1. You change your mind about the donation.
  2. You get EAC or server banned by disregarding Facepunch / Server rules.
  3. Your current package has come to an end and/or you have spent all your reward points within the Rusty Wasteland (/s) store.
  4. You forgot to cancel your subscription on time.
  5. You accidentally donated to a server which is not owned by Rusty Wasteland.
  6. You used fake name & address details in your donation.

Donation rewards are not guaranteed and are subject to change at any time. The Rusty Wasteland ownership groups decision is final and cannot be challenged. If you have any questions or disputes regarding this purchase, please get in touch via the website’s contact form or mail us directly at